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Teach your housing applicants, tenants and housing staff about your housing policies, homelessness requirements, types of tenancies and many other subjects on an online, easy-to-use portal.


Why online learning?

Why choose Eazylearn?

Eazylearn is our brand-new online learning platform. This sophisticated e-learning platform will allow you to create dedicated training courses to enhance knowledge of housing applicants and staff. The training can be completed by them at their own pace and without time & location limitations.



Create courses on any subject you like, edit existing ones and mass enrol users. You can also see details of progress and assessment scores in your dashboard overview, test users' knowledge through quizzes and more!





  • Online web-based system – An easily accessible service, available 24/7 

  • Fully editable - administrators can create new courses and amend the content from existing ones 

  • Extendable – build multiple courses based on your needs

  • Mass enroll users

  • Schedule flexibility - users can learn at various times of the day, at their convenience 

  • Immediate feedback - users can get immediate feedback on how well they comprehended the information by completing quizzes at the end of the courses

  • Survey functionality - survey your users to determine the quality of the training to ensure the most effective learning experience

  • Reporting – administrators will have access to detailed breakdown of user performance

  • Fully supported – full support following fast implementation provided


Benefits of Eazylearn

  • Saves time for housing officers 

  • Knowledge retention - provide a better learning experience through short, interactive modules that can be repeated if needed 

  • Covid-secure - Training can be completed remotely making it Covid-19 secure 

  • Learning is democratic as cost and location barriers are eliminated for learners 

  • Online web-based system – an easily accessible service, available 24/7  

  • Self-service – learners can access and manage their account themselves 

  • Environmentally friendly - Eliminate need for printing learning resources and consequently reduce your carbon footprint

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