Housing Register

Transform how you manage your housing applications through our sophisticated central person/household system. Based on a customer self-service model, the system will improve your service through 24/7 availability and a user-friendly online registration form with built-in eligibility engine.

You can reduce your paper trail and automate tasks to save you time and resources. To enhance your housing suite, our Housing Register can be fully integrated with our Choice-Based lettings (CBL) system and the Homelessness Reduction Act software, hope.


Rich and easily extracted data at your fingertips

As a single database of applicants, you can have a full online overview of applications, broken down into different categories. It also includes Change of Circumstances or incoming applications. Other benefits include:

  • A fully configurable Report Builder tool for in-depth insights and option to export reports to PDF or Excel
  • Ability to add documents such as Proof of ID, Proof of Savings, Tenancy Agreements and much more
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Intelligent real-time eligibility calculator

Reduce non-eligible people applying for housing through the Housing Register’s real-time eligibility engine. This intelligent built-in engine will calculate your policy in real time as the user progresses through the registration form. Going beyond accessing band and bedroom needs, the system can also calculate eligibility according to medical need, local connection priority, under occupation/overcrowding and more.


Configurable set-up and workflows

Our Housing Register’s workflow is highly configurable and flexible. We help setup a basic system workflow in the beginning and provide training on the configurable areas.

Changes in your business’ processes can be easily accommodated without requiring changes or extra costs. Here are some examples of how the system can be configured:

check symbolCreate application statuses – as many as required, including assigning CBL status


check symbolMap status to application type


check symbolRe-order statuses to show in the best way for your team


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check symbolManage status changes


check symbolSetup up status actions


check symbolSet status permissions – on both the user group level and on a status level






Ensure your data is safe and secure

Our system is guaranteed to safeguard your data using single household IDs, high security, built-in validation and rigorous data checking. Your housing staff/case workers are able to select whether an applicant can or cannot view documentation uploaded. They can also assign applications to other staff members, with restrictions on who can do this.

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  • Categorise tasks into relevant categories, for example: ‘Update Applicant’, ‘Chase Local Authority’ or ‘Request Tenancy Reference’
  • Set reminders, easily edit and delete tasks​​​​​
  • Manage renewal of applications with smart filters, automation and option to send batches of applicants, emails, letters or reminders
  • Collect applicant’s address history through intelligent address control
  • Save time by sending mass emails to applicants based on relevant filters, with built-in customisable email templates


Integration with entitledto's budget calculatoricon showing blue calculator

  • Help your customers understand their entitlements with your own branded benefits calculator
  • Built-in entitledto budget calculator as part of housing application form
  • Designed to be self-service freeing up your staff resources
  • Responsive, easy to use and incorporates all welfare reforms including Universal Credit


Connecting London boroughs with each other

Housing Moves is the Mayor of London’s lettings scheme that enables social housing tenants of London councils and housing associations to move from one part of the capital to another. The Mayor of London, through the Greater London Authority (GLA), commissioned Home Connections to deliver a common housing register and London-wide mobility scheme to cover all 32 London boroughs, the Corporation of the City of London and all of London’s registered providers. 

The scheme offers 5% of social housing relets in London for tenants who wish to move to a different borough. Applicants are prioritised according to under occupation (downsize into a smaller property), employment need (for work or training), or to care for a family member or friend. The service provides seamless integration with Mutual Exchange schemes.

Our superior online forms technology has enabled a 100% online registration process for this scheme. We implemented various techniques to make using our web forms simple and accessible over the web, enabling housing applicants to have more mobility and choice.

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