HOPE – HRA software

Innovation in homelessness case management

HOPE is an IT solution, built to help you stay compliant with the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA)We partnered with Housing Reviews to design a software that is up-to-date with the latest legislation changes and requirements to continue supporting your housing staff in working out whether a person is eligible for assistance.



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A software to guide you through the legislation

Designed with user in mind, HOPE simplifies and reduces the workload of your housing officers, guiding them through the homeless application process from the start of the assessment stage, right up until secure accommodation has been established. 

HOPE is a smart system, flexible and easy to configure. Its auto-population functionality saves your housing officers time and helps them to fill in mandatory fields for H-CLIC quarterly reports. As the user progresses through a homeless case, the system will check in real time if each stage is HRA compliant, guiding them through each legislation aspect.





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Ability to transfer legacy data and to integrate with third party applications

Triage to advice, prevention & relief

Instant access to immediately available social housing nationwide via Homefinder UK

Advice agency referrals and access



Key features


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Automated H-CLIC compliance checks and reporting to DELTA

Intuitive dashboard with due actions, appointments calendar and cases overview

Configurability of all aspects of the system





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Personal Housing Plan (PHP) and additional letter templates

56 days indicator to help with compliance

Single unified applicant record

Real-time interactions

Effective workload management 

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The Homelessness Reduction Act

HOPE was introduced as a response to England’s Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) in effect since April 2018. The new legislation represented a complex and fundamental change to homelessness management.

In order to comply with the new legislation, housing providers need to make assessments and provide useful assistance to anyone threatened with becoming homeless or who are already homeless. This also includes the provision of a personalised housing plan. The HRA affects not only the workload of housing staff, but adds pressure and a deadline for homelessness decisions.

For the past two years, we have collaborated and partnered with local authorities in England to overcome all the challenges brought by the Homelessness Reduction Act and make HOPE a robust homelessness case management software that truly respond to their needs.




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Going beyond the HRA

By being fully configurable, HOPE can be repurposed and support you in assessing homeless cases, recording, providing advice as well as automated output of statistical returns (such as HL1, 3 and PREVENT1). Uniquely, HOPE can also be integrated with the Home Connections national mobility scheme, Homefinder UK to manage your homelessness prevention cases and provide direct, nationwide move-on housing options.






“The implementation of HOPE was smooth and effective and brought the team some significant benefits, in particular the ease and speed at which PHP’s can be produced”

Karen McGreal from Arun District Council



Available add-ons



Integration with Housing Reviews Ltd (Minos) Lettersicon showing housing review letter

  • Over 60 system-integrated letter templates, regularly updated, compliant with all aspects of legislation.
  • Leading independent reviews service for carrying out homeless and allocations reviews.
  • Practical training and conferences on homelessness, as well as audits of Housing Options Services.
  • Self-service homelessness prevention toolkit - self-identification, automatically generated homeless prevention actions and follow up advice
    without the need for back office interaction.

test letter

Example Not Homeless template

Housing Reviews' 'not homeless' template

Download PDF


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Example Eligibility template

Housing Reviews' 'not eligible' template for those EEA citizens who are not in the post transition cohort or grace period cohort

Download PDF


test letter

Example First Local
Connection template

Housing Reviews' first local connect
'conditions are met' template

Download PDF




The HOPE Smartphone Apphope app icon

  • Cross partner platform compatible with Android, Iphone and Tablet devices.
  • Includes all the same features as the applicant portal on the webform.
  • Applicants can manage their PHPs, add documents, send and receive messages, view & acknowledge emails & letters and view appointments.
  • Applicants can also register and review their PHP's 'on the go'.
  • Regular updates rolled out to all partners that have purchased the app.



MyMessages and Dashboard alertsmessage with tick icon

  • Instant messaging service with ability to mark messages as acknowledged and clear them from the dashboard or application.
  • Applicants and assigned officer can receive alerts for appointments.
  • Appointments can be integrated with Outlook.
  • Assigned officer can see unread message count on applications.


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